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  • Fort Lauderdale Summer camp

    By American Top Team | In Kids, Summer Camp | on June 17, 2022

    Fort Lauderdale Summer Camp Summer is here and many parents are looking for activities to put their kids in that involve physical exercise and camaraderie. Our martial arts summer camp is a great alternative to your kids staying inside and playing video games or watching Netflix. We pride ourselves on combining fun and games along […]

  • Fort Lauderdale Kids Program

    By American Top Team | In Jiu Jitsu, Kids | on June 17, 2022

    Fort Lauderdale Kids Program American Top Team Fort Lauderdale has always invested heavily in our kid’s programs because we know kids are the future and martial arts are extremely beneficial to their personal development.  Our Fort Lauderdale kids Jiu-Jitsu program is designed to not only teach them how to defend themselves but also to teach […]

  • ATTFTL Wins Big at IBJJF This past weekend the IBJJF Pan American Championships concluded in Orlando, Florida, bringing an end to the second most prestigious tournament in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation is the main governing body in the sport of “BJJ” and the IBJJF Pan Championships are […]

  • MMA Classes In Fort Lauderdale

    By Blue | In MMA | on February 2, 2022

    MMA in Classes Fort Lauderdale Mixed Martial Arts has grown exponentially in popularity over the past two decades, particularly in South Florida, which has been home to one of the largest and most successful MMA gyms in the world in American Top Team. In fact, American Top Team was voted as the top MMA gym […]

  • American Top Team Fort Lauderdale Holiday Operations & Hours

    By American Top Team | In Jiu Jitsu | on December 17, 2021

    American Top Team Fort Lauderdale Holiday Information The Holidays are upon us and the weeks ahead will be full of merriment, togetherness, and the unhealthy habits that come with the season. Some are able to focus on their health and body condition throughout these times, but others just are not. With overindulgence commonplace during this […]

  • Early Morning Jiu Jitsu Fort lauderdale 

    By American Top Team | In Jiu Jitsu | on December 8, 2021

    Get your day going with early morning Jiu Jitsu classes at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale! People often message us asking if there is early morning jiu jitsu near me, because they want to try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but have a busy schedule and won’t be able to participate in the evening classes. Fortunately, we […]

  • Boxing Classes Fort Lauderdale

    By American Top Team | In Boxing | on December 8, 2021

    Looking for boxing classes in Fort Lauderdale? Come check out American Top Team! American Top Team Fort Lauderdale has been teaching boxing at our gym in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area for over 15 years. We offer a very popular boxing program designed to teach everyone from first-day beginners to seasoned boxers. Whether your goal […]

  • World Masters Jiu Jitsu Fort lauderdale

    By American Top Team | In Jiu Jitsu | on December 7, 2021

    Last month saw the largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament in the world take place in Las Vegas, Nevada: the IBJJF World Masters. The event included over 7,700 competitors and 36 competition mats. Held in the Las Vegas Convention Center over the course of 3 days, the massive event included thousands of matches, merchandise booths and […]

  • How much cost to train at American Top Team?

    By American Top Team | In Boxing, Fitness, Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts, MMA | on October 11, 2021

    How much cost to train at American Top Team? We often get messaged on Facebook and Instagram here at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale, and one of the most common questions we get is about our prices. How much do classes cost and what are the pricing options? While prices can vary depending on multiple […]

  • One look around the mats at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale and you will see many police officers, firefighters, first responders and teachers among our members. ATT FTL has great appreciation for the services they provide and many of them find value in the classes we provide as well. Many police officers train Brazilian Jiu […]