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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

1.Self Control
The ability to control emotion when faced with a variety of challenges.

The willingness to obey and respect authority.

Moderating your own actions to avoid attracting attention to yourself. Discouraging boastful behavior when successfully accomplishing goals.

Promoting courteous behavior and reinforcing polite behavior.

The belief that each child must have a sense of honesty and truthfulness. Every person should have a sense of responsibility for their actions.

Each child should maintain steady persistence in their course of action when accomplishing goals. In spite of difficulty, obstacles or discouragement, they continue trying their best.

7.Indomitable Spirit
Reinforce in each child the sense that they can never be conquered or overcome by negative or counterproductive influences.


Our Philosophy

We are a family-oriented mixed martial arts academy where individuals of all ages can learn diverse Mixed Martial Arts disciplines and even pursue a career as professional athletes. Our classes cater to children as young as 3 years old and extend to adults. We offer a facility that provides activities for the entire family, promoting a healthy environment and nurturing a sense of community.

Philosophy of Mixed Martial Arts at Athlas Training Team in Fort Lauderdale:

Offering the Best for the Whole Family

At Athlas Training Team in Fort Lauderdale, we embrace a philosophy deeply rooted in the essence of mixed martial arts (MMA). Our ethos revolves around providing not just a training regimen but a way of life that encompasses strength, discipline, and unity. With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, we offer the finest in martial arts training suitable for every member of the family.

MMA, as an art form, embodies the integration of various disciplines, each contributing its unique techniques and strategies. At Athlas, we understand that diversity is key to holistic development. Through our comprehensive programs, individuals of all ages and skill levels can embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Our philosophy extends beyond the confines of the gym, promoting values such as respect, resilience, and perseverance. We believe that the lessons learned within our walls transcend into everyday life, fostering personal growth and mental fortitude.

The Athlas Training Team prides itself on its experienced instructors who are not only proficient in their respective disciplines but also passionate about imparting their knowledge to others. Whether it’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, or wrestling, our expert coaches are dedicated to helping each member reach their full potential.

Moreover, our facility is designed to accommodate families, ensuring that everyone can participate in the journey towards physical and mental well-being together. From children’s classes focused on instilling confidence and discipline to adult sessions tailored to enhance strength and agility, there’s something for everyone at Athlas.

In essence, our philosophy at Athlas Training Team revolves around inclusivity, growth, and community. We believe that by embracing the principles of mixed martial arts, we can not only become better athletes but also better individuals, united in our pursuit of excellence and fulfillment. Join us at Athlas, where the best of martial arts meets the warmth of family.