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  1. For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes – No live grappling for first 5 classes.
  2. Never step on the mat wearing any type of shoes/sneakers/sandals. Use sandals/sneakers when going from the mat to the bathroom.
  3. Always bow the mat upon entering and leaving.
  4. Refer to your instructors by their title (ex: Master) or “sir/ma’am”
  5. Show courtesy to your fellow students and instructors – on and off the mats.
  6. Come to class with a positive attitude and try your best in every class!
  7. Be willing to help other students who may need it.
  8. Wear complete and approved school uniform. Ex. GI with ATT patches. Appropriate uniform shirt. Red/Ultimate, Blue/Elite, White/Basic in class.
  9. Practice good hygiene; Keep your body and uniform clean, toenail/fingernails trimmed and long hair pulled back or braided. Remove any jewelry prior to class.
  10. Do not attend class if you are sick or have a skin disease. Please see a doctor if necessary, before training again.
  11. If using the weight area/cardio machines: Please pick up and re-stack all weights and dumbbells. Please bring a towel to wipe off any excess sweat on benches or treadmills.
  12. If a problem arises with a fellow student, please do not attempt to resolve the issue by yourself, instead please bring the issue to your instructor’s attention so they may resolve any problem.
  13. Children not participating in class should be supervised at all times. They are not allowed to climb, run around, or play loudly while class is in progress.
  14. Do not demonstrate or teach outside the academy without your instructor’s prior approval.
  15. Please keep our bathrooms clean!

Uniform Rules 

Striking & Fitness Classes: ATT FTL shirt or rash guard.

Submission Grappling: ATT FTL rash guard and shorts without pockets or zippers. If tights are worn, shorts must be worn over them (men & women).

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Approved Team gi with rash guard worn underneath (no sports bras for women).