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Muay Thai kids

Muay Thai Kids

Muay Thai boxing is a martial art accessible to people of all ages, including children (girls and boys). Following a suitable course in Muay Thai training, youngsters will benefit enormously from the inevitable physical and mental improvements. Muay Thai boxing will improve a child’s self-confidence and self-awareness, while keeping them quick,agile, healthy and strong.

Jiu Jitsu Kids

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a self-defense system based on the principles of technique and leverage, which allow you to defeat opponents of much greater size and strength. You don’t have to be the largest, fastest, or youngest to be an effective jiu-jitsu practitioner. You simply need discipline and commitment to training. It was designed for real street fighting and developed on the mat.

wrestling kids

Wrestling Kids

Wrestling program at Athlas Training Team in Fort Lauderdale offers a dynamic learning environment for children and teenagers to explore the ancient sport. Under experienced coaches, participants develop essential physical, mental, and emotional skills, focusing on grappling techniques, fighting strategies, and conditioning. Emphasizing values like discipline, respect, teamwork, and perseverance, our program fosters confidence and sportsmanship in participants, benefiting them on and off the mat. Join us and discover the transformative power of wrestling at Athlas Training Team.

Judo kids Fort Lauderdale

Judo Kids

At our academy, we offer Judo classes specially tailored for children aged 3 and above. Our kids' classes focus on introducing the fundamentals of judo in a safe and enjoyable environment. Through fun drills and games, young children learn basic techniques, develop coordination, and cultivate discipline. Our experienced instructors understand the unique needs of young learners and provide guidance that encourages both physical and mental growth. With an emphasis on building confidence and respect, our Judo classes for kids offer valuable life skills alongside martial arts training. Join us and watch your child thrive on and off the mat!