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Xtreme Fitness Training

About the Program – Xtreme Fitness Training Do you want to train with quality, methodology, science and experience? Come try one of our fitness classes at ATT Fort Lauderdale and challenge your limits safely! It is important to remember that wherever you decide to train, choose a professional trained to take care of your health!
Functional Training Motivating, challenging and effective – ATT Fort Lauderdale functional training program works different muscles at the same time, improves motor skills, builds strength and burns fat. What is functional training?  “Functional Training” aims to improve the functional capacity, in other words, the capacity of doing everyday activities efficiently, with autonomy and independence” (CAMPOS; NETO, 2004). For that reason, the functional training is highly used by athletes, physiotherapy treatment and gym training. Functional Training exercises are usually multi-articular: work many articulations and muscles in only one exercise, and also can require flexibility and balance. This type of training makes your brain think in order to make the movement, improving motor skills and body awareness. In traditional gyms, the exercises are performed in mono-articulated machines, which help you to make the movement without thinking. In this type of training, the method is natural which helps to improve natural body movements such as running, walking, swimming, jumping, climbing, and balance. Functional Training Benefits:  CORE strengthening: CORE region are the deep muscles of the abdominal, lumbar and pelvic region.  They are extremely important to posture correction, lesion prevention and improvement of performance; Proprioception Training: exercises that strengthen articulation, ligaments and tendons increasing the body awareness; Improve movement standards: very used in sports, the functional training creates some situations similar to sport movement. This will increase the body awareness and muscular balance. Increase of resistance and strength: functional training will increase the resistance and muscular strength and also increase the cardiorespiratory conditioning. For ALL Levels of Experience Get ready to improve your Cardio, Stamina, Core Strength, and Flexibility. Get an extra FREE t-shirt when you register online! Click here to learn more and to register.

Fitness Instructors

NIGHT AND SATURDAY CLASS Everton Bittar Oliveira
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education Science
  • Graduate Degree in Sport Training Science
  • Certified Physical Conditioning Expert
  • Resistance Trainer Specialist (RTS)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (fitflex / cross fit)