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Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Fort Lauderdale

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids, Athlas Training Team Fort Lauderdale

Recently, the most prestigious kids Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament in the world was held in Orlando, the IBJJF Pan Kids Championship. The tournament takes place over the course of 2 days and attracts thousands of competitors from all over the world, all vying for the title of Pan Kids Champion.

Every year Athlas Training Team Fort Lauderdale sends a group of kid competitors to the tournament and this year was no different, with a strong group of 12 competitors, Athlas Training Team came away with 7 medals: 5 silver and 2 bronze.

The tournament is the culmination of months of training and preparation. The preparation for competition day goes far beyond simply training jiu-jitsu at the academy.  It’s a good example of the value Brazilian jiu-jitsu and other martial arts have for kids outside of simply learning self-defense.


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Fort Lauderdale Summer camp

Fort Lauderdale Summer Camp

Summer is here and many parents are looking for activities to put their kids in that involve physical exercise and camaraderie. Our martial arts summer camp is a great alternative to your kids staying inside and playing video games or watching Netflix. We pride ourselves on combining fun and games along with plenty of physical exercise, activities, and learning, all in a safe, clean, supervised environment. Your kids will work out and learn valuable martial arts skills under the supervision of our experienced instructors.


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Kids Program Fort Lauderdale

Kids Program Fort Lauderdale

Athlas Training Team Fort Lauderdale has always invested heavily in our kid’s programs because we know kids are the future and martial arts are extremely beneficial to their personal development.  Our Fort Lauderdale kids Jiu-Jitsu program is designed to not only teach them how to defend themselves but also to teach them valuable life skills, such as mental toughness.


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Back to School Fort Lauderdale

Going back to school in 2021 is a different experience than most kids are used to. This year will present new challenges for kids and parents alike. Many kids have been isolating and attending virtual school for many months now and as a result are having a difficult time adjusting socially as well as physically. So, how can martial arts help your child adjust to this new paradigm?

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