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We’ve Expanded! Now The Largest Martial Arts Gym in Fort Lauderdale

By American Top Team | In Fitness, MMA | on March 27, 2020

American Top Team Fort Lauderdale is happy to announce the addition of 2,000 square feet of additional mat space effective immediately! This brings the total size of our facility to over 8,000 square feet, making us the largest martial arts gym in Fort Lauderdale, and you are all part of it!

What does this mean for you? New classes at new times: more options to fit your schedule. Having the largest martial arts gym in Fort Lauderdale means we can now have three different classes on three separate mats taking place simultaneously. This means, for example, mom can do the fitness class on one mat, dad can do the Muay Thai class on another mat and the kids can do the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class on the 3rd mat.

No matter your preference, we already have something for everyone. We offer fitness classes for people looking to get into shape. Striking classes ranging from cardio kickboxing for those looking to burn calories, Muay Thai fundamentals for those just getting started, Muay Thai advanced for the more experienced students, Boxing fundamentals for those who want an introduction to “the sweet science”, as well as Boxing advanced classes for those looking to do more sparring. For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we offer kids classes for ages 3 all the way up to teens. For adults we offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling classes for all levels: fundamentals classes for people who are just getting started and advanced classes for the more experienced students and those looking to compete. That being said, we are never satisfied with “good enough” and are always looking for ways to improve. Being the largest martial arts gym in Fort Lauderdale means we now have the ability to add more classes to serve you. We are happy to announce that with the success of our all Women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class on Saturdays, we will now be adding an additional class during the week. This class has been very popular, taught by a world class female instructor and for everyone from experienced female grapplers to women who have never trained a day in their life.

So, stay tuned, because we will be announcing the new schedule and new classes soon! Thanks for being a part of our family. We’ll see you on the mats.

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