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ATTFTL Kids Martial Arts Summer Camp

Give your children the best 2 weeks of their summer with our Athlas Training Team Fort Lauderdale summer camp.

While many children this summer will spend their time playing video games, playing on their tablet or other sedentary activities, we at ATTFTL encourage you to give your child a unique experience with our Fort Lauderdale summer camp. We want to stress that this is not like other summer camps that are going to simply babysit your children. From 8 am to 2 pm, Monday – Friday your child will have the chance to build social skills, learn self-defense, improve their self-confidence and most of all, have fun! All supervised by highly qualified and background checked instructors.

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Self Defense

Your child will train extensively in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and wrestling. These are known to not only be some of the most effective martial arts for self-defense, but also some of the best for children specifically due to the fact they don’t involve striking. The emphasis on grappling and the lack of striking means your children are able to train without sustaining injuries. This is the part children generally consider the most fun.

A recent study by the Los Angeles Police Department found that a staggering 90% of street fights ended up on the ground at some point. This is where grappling-based martial arts like BJJ, Judo and wrestling excel. They allow your child the ability to neutralize an attacker and defend themselves without harming the aggressor. They’re also a lot of fun to train, especially for kids.

In addition, they will also learn Capoeira, the Brazilian art of dance fighting! This is a martial art that combines choreographed moves and gymnastic-type movements that’s beautiful to watch and a lot of fun to practice!

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo programs are headed by Master Junior Fernandes, a 4th degree black belt with 25 years of experience. The wrestling program is headed by Coach Dilano Taylor, a current pro MMA fighter and BJJ purple belt with years of high level wrestling experience. The classes will also feature multiple other experienced instructors and that will teach your child regardless of skill level. From beginner to expert.

Social Skills

Our Fort Lauderdale summer camp is designed with your child’s social development in mind. We intentionally keep the kids in group settings and involve them in team-building activities that help them build strong relationships with their peers. They’re often partnered with a child their own size and age that they have to drill with in order to learn their martial arts skills, but they’re also sometimes partnered with an older/ more experience child who can help mentor them. This model helps them develop social skills not only inside the summer camp, but hopefully outside of it as well.

Self-Confidence & Discipline

Martial arts in particular are very beneficial for your child’s self-confidence and discipline. When someone knows they have the ability to defend themself they conduct themself in a much more confident manner, which makes them far less likely to be a victim of bullying. Functioning inside the structured setting of the martial arts classes we provide also helps their discipline, which can carry over into a classroom setting as well.

We are big believers that the character they develop through martial arts training can help them deal with adversity their entire life. One thing we hear often is the mentality developed through training, the ups and downs and the constant lesson of not quitting when it gets hard helps build a strong mindset that you can draw on whenever you encounter difficulties throughout your life. This is our goal at ATTFTL to develop mentally strong kids that have the tools they need to succeed in life.


Our Fort Lauderdale summer camp isn’t all about teaching your child life skills. Sometime’s kids just want to play and have fun and we offer a good balance between the two.

Your child will enjoy many of the games and activities they might play on the street or at the park, but in the safe, supervised environment of the gym. These activities range from sports and games to arts and crafts to movies and everything in between.

Give your child the best 2 weeks of their summer. You won’t regret it. For any questions contact us at (954) 463-0994. We look forward to seeing your child at the gym!