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Jiu Jitsu in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Best Jiu Jitsu in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Jiu jitsu in Fort Lauderdale is growing rapidly and American Top Team Fort Lauderdale has heavily invested in our jiu jitsu program to bring some of the best jiu Jitsu instructors and competitors from around the world to teach and train with us. This is important to stay on the cutting edge of the sport in terms of technique and gain different perspectives on training and teaching methods.

Machado Brothers

We recently hosted the Machado brothers, Pedro and Joao to train and teach with us in preparation for big upcoming tournaments like the IBJJF Pan Kids, IBJJF Orlando Open, and IBJJF World Masters.

Both Joao and Pedro are very experienced and accomplished black belt competitors, with their own schools in Brazil. Pedro alone is a 5x IBJJF World Champion, 4x Brazilian National Champion, 3x IBJJF Pan American Champion and 2x European Champion among many other accomplishments.

Both Machado brothers spent a full week teaching the kids class with us, sharing some of their favorite drills and techniques. This is extremely beneficial for our kid’s competition team to see how some of the best in the world train. The kids were also able to do a Q&A with the brothers, asking them about everything from diet, competition mindset, training routine, strength and conditioning routine and mental preparation.

The Machado brothers also taught and trained with our adult class for an entire week, sharing everything from their favorite warm up drills to competition-tested techniques and also training daily with all the students. Everyone benefited greatly from this.

Owner and head instructor Master Junior Fernandes has made a commitment to bring these guest instructors and competitors to American Top Team Fort Lauderdale to grow our jiu jitsu programs and make sure all our students have access to the best and latest training methods.

Another example of this occurred when we recently hosted 8x IBJJF World Champion and future Hall-of-Famer Leandro Lo to teach a workshop and train with our Fort Lauderdale jiu jitsu competition class. Leandro Lo is widely considered one of the greatest jiu jitsu athletes of all time and American Top Team’s students had the privilege of learning some of his famous passing techniques that they can incorporate into their game in the future. The workshop featured a packed house with over 60 students on the mat; definitely a night to remember.

The future is bright for jiu jitsu in Fort Lauderdale and we can’t wait to see who else the team at ATT FTL brings to in the future.

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