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First Responders Can Receive Special Rates on Our Self-Defense Martial Arts Classes

By American Top Team | In MMA | on July 10, 2019

Learn the best martial arts for self defense

American Top Team Fort Lauderdale wants to show our appreciation for police officers, firefighters, and teachers by offering special rates on our self-defense martial arts classes. You guys help the community, now let us help you get in shape and learn valuable self-defense skills through the best martial arts for self defense.

According to a study by the Los Angeles Police Department 90% of all street fights eventually hit the ground at some point. This is why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the best self-defense martial arts in the world, because it’s the most effective grappling-based martial art in existence. In addition to being able to defend yourself against an attack, it also teaches you how to restrain and immobilize an attacker without causing them injury; ideal for police officers, teachers and firefighters alike.

Another benefit to self-defense martial arts like BJJ, muay thai or boxing is the increased confidence that you can defend yourself. Often attackers look for easy targets; people they perceive as being weak-minded and lacking in confidence because they’ll be less likely to put up a fight. Simply knowing you can defend yourself against an attacker allows you to carry yourself with an air of confidence that potential attackers pick up on; it allows you to deescalate a situation before it evolves into a real threat.

Something police, firefighters and teachers all have in common is stress in abundance! One thing we hear frequently is how appreciative people with high-stress jobs/ lives are that they have somewhere to go before or after work to blow off some steam in a productive manner. Releasing the stress and anxiety at the gym while also learning a valuable, life-changing skill is perfect for people who have to show extreme restraint on a regular basis at their jobs.

The discipline you learn through self-defense martial arts in addition to the physical energy expenditure is more likely to help you approach potential conflicts with patience and understanding, deescalating potential conflicts in the process.

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So, let us show our appreciation for everything you do for us by offering you discount rates on our self-defense martial arts classes. Give us a call at 954-638-0860 and join the ATT FTL family today!

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