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MMA Summer Camp Vacation Contest

By American Top Team | In Fitness, MMA | on July 3, 2019

Enter for your chance to win a free private lesson!

Summer is here, and for many of us that means vacations and relaxation, but here at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale, we encourage you to also include exercise and physical activity as part of your Fort Lauderdale summer break.

That’s why we created out Fort Lauderdale summer vacation contest. Here are the rules: post a picture on your vacation of you showing your best MMA moves (kickboxing, BJJ, judo etc), tag @attftl and 3 friends and challenge them to post their own. Use the hashtags #JuniorFernandesMMA #ATTSummer2019 before August 1st to qualify. The winner will receive a month of free training, plus a free 45 min private lesson with Master Junior or an instructor of your choice!

Our reason for this MMA Summer Camp promotion is that often we see people work hard all year to be healthy and physically fit only to take vacations during their summer and completely ignore the training that’s been part of their routine for months prior.

Often this makes it much harder for them to return to their normal training routine since they find they’ve lost the progress and momentum they worked so hard to achieve. In addition, regular physical training and exercise encourages people to eat healthier and live an overall healthier lifestyle.

Of course, summer breaks and vacations understandably lead to more drinking, staying out later or eating more unhealthy food than normal, but continuing your training routine helps diminish the negative effects of these activities; plus, that beer or dessert tastes so much better when you know you’ve earned it!

So, this summer we encourage you to keep American Top Team Fort Lauderdale as part of your regular routine. We’ll still be maintaining our regular class schedule for kids and adults, offering special Fort Lauderdale summer classes with short time periods that will help keep you motivated through the summer months, and for the kids, of course, we’ll also have our Fort Lauderdale summer camp, as well as summer specials for new clients.

Click here to view all our programs.

For more information click the link here. We have something for everybody, so, join us this summer and let us help you and your whole family stay motivated and continue the positive momentum into the fall months!

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