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New Safety Precautions at ATTFTL

What we are doing to stay safe

ATTFTL is working hard to keep the gym clean, sanitized and all of our members and staff safe. We have outlined some details of what we are doing to stay safe during this time, as well as what we require from our members below.

While Athlas Training Team Fort Lauderdale is doing our part to keep you and your loved ones safe, its imperative for families and Martial Arts students to do their part on mitigating and keeping everyone safe too!

safety at ATT Fort Lauderdale

Below is an outline of precautions, procedures and guidelines that are to be followed by us as well as our members and family. These guidelines will need to be agreed upon by our students to participate in training.

Employee Protection

  • Employees screened for temperature (not to exceed 100.4) and symptoms upon arrival to work
  • Consistent hygiene with washing and sanitizing throughout day
  • Educate and train staff on Covid-19 safety protocols
  • Practice social and spacial distancing
  • Prohibit congregating

Facility Concerns

  • Deep cleaning of facility by our professional cleaning company nightly
  • Equipment sanitized after every rotation
temperature check to enter ATT Fort Lauderdale

Consumer/Child Protection

  • Drive up temperature check for students being dropped off
  • Temperature check of anyone entering building
  • Only one parent or guardian entering building upon arrival and pick up
  • Social and spatial distance among all and Instructor
  • Adults must wear masks in facility at all times
  • Children are not required to wear mask; however, may do so if they wish
  • Masks cannot be worn during physical participation due to safety of the student
  • Sanitizing and/or washing hands will be done after every rotation
  • Child will stay with one group throughout the day
  • Curriculums are devised to perform skills/progression without spotting
  • Spotting will be used for safety and proper execution only if needed

Class/Camp Arrival and Dismissal & Miscellaneous

  • Arriving – Drive up to awning for temperature check before  enters facility
  • Students will be with instructor outside facility for pick up
  • Have sports bag/back pack for all belongings including shoes that will go in their bag.