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Boxing Classes Fort Lauderdale

By American Top Team | In Boxing | on December 8, 2021

Looking for boxing classes in Fort Lauderdale? Come check out American Top Team!

American Top Team Fort Lauderdale has been teaching boxing at our gym in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area for over 15 years. We offer a very popular boxing program designed to teach everyone from first-day beginners to seasoned boxers. Whether your goal is to get in shape, learn boxing as a skill, learn boxing for self-defense, or compete in boxing matches, American Top Team Fort Lauderdale has a class and curriculum that fits your needs.

The boxing we teach at our gym is traditional boxing, but we also incorporate aspects of boxing that work in MMA or kickboxing as well.

Often known as “the sweet science”, boxing has many benefits including increased hand-eye coordination, better balance, increased cardiovascular health, increased endurance, better posture, strengthening your upper body and core as well as the obvious skill of being able to defend yourself. Many enjoy boxing classes as an alternative to traditional workouts because the aspect of learning a new skill in addition to keeping fit helps keep workouts interesting. Whether you’re a first-day beginner or a seasoned striker, you will constantly learn something new.

The initial focus of our boxing beginners classes is on the fundamentals. We begin by teaching new students a strong foundation that includes fundamental boxing concepts and drills. This helps reduce the learning process and speed up the progress of new students. From there we focus on the basics of boxing, including how to properly throw a punch, proper hand placement, foot placement, stance, and footwork. You will learn basic punching combinations, offensive and defensive techniques, and how to incorporate movement in a boxing ring with punching combinations. New students also do plenty of pad work and partner drills.

We also offer advanced boxing classes at the gym for students with more experience. Once you have the fundamentals down you can incorporate them into live sparring situations with a partner. This teaches you the skills of reading and reacting in real-time against an unpredictable opponent.

These are just a few of the reasons American Top Team FTL is your go-to boxing gym in the Fort Lauderdale area. Come see us and try a class yourself!

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