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Kids Private Classes in Fort Lauderdale

By American Top Team | In Back to School 2021, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Kids, Martial Arts, MMA | on September 22, 2021

Private Classes for Kids at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale


American Top Team Fort Lauderdale has many different options for kids martial arts group classes, but we also offer private classes for kids as young as 3. So, what are thebenefits of private classes and what options do we offer?

  • Fitness:

    • Private fitness classes for kids will help your kid get in shape quicker, with specific goals in mind. Do they need to lose weight? Improve their cardio? Improve their speed or athleticism? Whatever their goals are, we can help them accomplish them. Private fitness classes can also help prevent injuries by keeping all the potentially vulnerable joints and muscles strong. Unfortunately, due to current circumstances many kids have been stuck inside for prolonged periods of time playing video games and watching Netflix. With schools reopening many are instead spending many hours a day sitting at a desk. All this during a time when it’s more important than ever to be physically fit. This is where private fitness classes can help your kid.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

    • Kids BJJ private lessons are great because your kid will get a lot of personal instruction from their coach. This means they can ask questions and find solutions to specific issues they’re having in training. In group classes the coach teaches a technique to the entire class and all students are expected to learn it, but in private classes the instructor can teach your kids customized techniques specifically designed for their body type and skill level. Your kid can also have the chance for some sparring time with their coach (commonly referred to as “rolling”). This is often their favorite part and is important because it makes them react to unpredictable scenarios in real-time. We offer kids BJJ private classes to everyone from day 1 beginners who want to learn self-defense to active competitors who want to gain an advantage on the competition.
  • Kids Muay Thai:

    • Kids Muay Thai private classes are a lot of fun and are a great way to improve your kid’s kickboxing skills and physical fitness. The coach will be holding pads for your kid and walking them through many different drills designed to improve their reaction time, hand speed, kicking speed and combinations as well as power. It’s a great workout that’s also a lot of fun to do and teaches them valuable skills.

So, whatever your kids’ goals are, from getting in shape, learning self-defense or active competitors looking to gain an edge, we have you covered.

Come give it a try; we’re sure your kid will love it!

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