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Reasons Why Your Children Should Practice Martial Arts with American Top Team

By American Top Team | In Cardio Kickboxing, Fitness, Jiu Jitsu, Kids, Martial Arts, MMA | on February 18, 2021

Kid’s Martial Arts Programs

Kid’s Martial arts programs are very important to develop your child’s health, clear their mind, burn energy, setting goals and competition, plus increasing their immune system and promoting healthy life.

2020  brought a lot of challenges to all of us, especially to our kids who used to be in an interactive world. Schools, playgrounds, libraries, common areas, and parks were closed due to Covid19.  2021 Has arrived and most of the interactive activities haven’t gotten back to normal, being this a challenging time for adults and kids who have been spending months isolated due to all the different restrictions affecting mental and physical health.


ATT Kids Martial Arts 1


Top Priority: Taking Care of our Mental and physical health.

Some of the restrictions we are still facing are the fact of having sports teams and events in Forltauderdale down plus some of the kids still homeschooling, so with all these situations, we should consider taking better care of our mental and physical health as a top priority. 

Physical exercise has many benefits for our immune system, which is our first line of defense against viruses and colds. These include flushing bacteria out of your lungs and airways (especially important when combatting respiratory infections), promoting good circulation, and helping your body’s white blood cells and antibodies combat disease.

ATT Kids Martial Arts 4

ATT Kids Martial Arts 6


Benefits of Kid’s Martial Arts! 

The benefits of kids’ martial arts are not just physical, however. One of the most beneficial aspects is the social interactions and friendships it creates. The kids are routinely paired up with someone of similar age and size to drill techniques and are forced to work together to accomplish common goals. As time goes on, the newer student gains experience and eventually helps the newer students that come in after. As they train more and gain experience they can also earn new belts that reflect their hard work and newfound knowledge. This gains them respect among their peers and builds a sense of confidence that is beneficial in every aspect of their life outside the mat.  

American Top Team Fort Lauderdale prides itself on being “Martial Arts for the Whole Family”. We have many options for classes of all skill levels and ages. The parents can enjoy our cardio kickboxing or Extreme Fitness class on one mat while the kids do our Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Kids Muay Thai kickboxing class on another mat. 


ATT Kids Martial Arts 2


So, we hope you make the best decision for yourself and your kid in 2021. Have them join the American Top Team Fort Lauderdale family, get in shape, make friends and build confidence. We can’t wait to see you and your kid at the gym!”

Learn more about our Kids martial marts programs here

Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions.

Come into the Gym, call us at 954-638-0860–  954-463-0994 for more information.


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