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Healthy Alternatives for Stress Relief

By American Top Team | In Boxing, Cardio Kickboxing, Fitness, Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts | on November 11, 2020

Today we are facing different situations that can cause stress, making us feel tense and get unhealthy options but there is always good news and America Top Team FTL has many healthy options for you including our program Jiu Jitsu Fort Lauderdale.

Reasons of Getting Stress

No matter where your political leanings lie, the recent presidential election revealed some disturbing trends for Americans. Google Trends has reported record searches on election night for the terms: “liquor store near me” as well as comfort food-related searches like “fries near me”. Other popular foods searched for online included pizza, Chinese food, and Mexican food.

Maybe you are wondering, what does it matter. During stress times people often choice unhealthy ways to relieve anxiety through escapism. This can mean drugs and alcohol (liquor stores near me) or unhealthy comfort food (fries near me, pizza near me). and instead of a solution is causing more stress and anxiety due to the guilt you might feel after making unhealthy choices.

 What should we do?

A superior method of stress and anxiety relief is physical exercise. America Top Team FTL provides a bunch of options for stress relief programs included Jiu Jitsu Fort Lauderdale that come with the added benefit of being guilt-free. Our Programs are great and can really help to get the best healthy choices you need.

Not only is physical exertion a more effective method of dealing with anxiety, but it comes with a sense of accomplishment; knowing you did something to make your body stronger and not weaker. This is very important to maintain positive momentum because momentum works both ways: one weekend of unhealthy binging on fries and liquor could snowball into a week, a month, and so on. The same applies for positive, healthy choices. Taking a week off your workout routine always makes it harder to return. Do not forget Jiu Jitsu Fort Lauderdale is one of your best choices to ger stress relief.

Healthy alternatives of stress relief.

America Top Team FTL provides a wide range of options for the whole family. Cardio kickboxing, for example, is a great form of stress relief. Take out your frustrations on a heavy bag so you can return to work and your family with a clearer mind. We also offer boxing classes, both fundamentals and advanced, Muay Thai fundamentals and advanced, Xtreme Fitness Training, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fundamentals and advanced for both kids and adults, submission grappling for kids and adults, as well as Pilates and stretching classes. 

It is important that we do not let outside circumstances like the election and covid derail our positive momentum. After all, making healthy choices is more important now than ever. So, what will your next google search be: “pizza and liquor near me” or “martial arts Fort Lauderdale”? We hope you make the right choice and if you do, we can’t wait to meet you.

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