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Mother’s Day Womens Self Defense Class

By American Top Team | In Fitness | on April 24, 2018

This Mother’s Day, Participate in Our Womens Self Defense Class on May 10th

Women no longer feel the need to rely on law enforcement and their male onlookers for protection. Strong independent women are taking matters into their own hands and practicing self-defense to protect themselves in a world where there is possible danger around every corner. On May 10th 2018 American Top Team Fort Lauderdale will be hosting a special womens and kids self defense class. The class will be taught by Máster Raphael da Silva and Coach Luis Fonzi at 4:30pm. At the end of the class every mother will receive a pink belt for their participation.

This is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the bond with your loved one and learn a few fighting techniques on the way. The reason American Top Team is having this classe is to give women the opportunity to enjoy a one hour class with your son or daughter and learn some self-defense. It’s going to be a very fun class with your kids and you will take home advanced self -defense moves for you and your family.

Why take a womans’ self-defense class?

It’s always nice to have a strong man around to protect you but what happens when that man is not around or in some cases what if a man in your life causes you harm? A great way for a woman to make sure she is protected at all times is to practice self-defense techniques regularly. There are many ways to avoid, prevent, or get out of a situation where you may be in danger. Our class will show you how it is possible to take on an opponent that is bigger and stronger than you using simple principles. If you’re looking for a fun self-defense class in the area we encourage you to drop in to American Top Team Fort Lauderdale!

Benefits of a womens self-defense class

After trying out our special woman and kids self-defense class at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale you will leave with confidence, strength, and courage. Not only will you get to spend time with your loved one but together you guys will practice safety techniques that you will carry for the rest of your life. The class will show you techniques and tips on how to strike at your opponent, block his or her strikes torwards you, and emphasizes on taking down bigger opponents.  We look forward to seeing everyone!

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