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Kick Some Butt this Mother’s Day with Women’s Martial Arts Classes

By American Top Team | In Jiu Jitsu | on May 9, 2017

Why are women’s martial arts classes the perfect work-out for Mom?

What are the benefits of  Jiu Jitsu for women?

Jiu Jitsu is a complete sport because it works almost  every part of the body at once. It is an aerobic activity that uses a lot of isometric strength, which will promote the strengthening of the muscles and especially the abs, arms and chest. If you need to change your life style to a healthier one, American Top Team Fort Lauderdale has  a structured environment and trained and qualified professionals to assist you, and all of your family members.

Each Jiu Jitsu class burns an average of 800 calories! So if you are trying to lose weight or simply get more fit and toned, our women’s martial arts classes and fitness programs will help you reach your goals. Sign up today for a free week of American Top Team Fort Lauderdale classes to see what it’s all about!

Jiu Jitsu, in addiction to burning calroies, helps relieve stress and anxiety through the release of endorphin, a natural analgesic that helps eliminate pain and control emotions. Women’s martial arts classes at American Top Team FTL are perfect for busy, stressed out moms that need a stress release and a good work out!

Jiu JItsu also teaches the strength, skills, and reflexes needed in a personal self defense situation. This is another great reason why Mom and all the members of your family should take Brazilian jiu-jitsu!

Because of all these benefits – and many others – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be considered a complete sport for Mom and the entire family!

Sign up today for a free week of martial arts classes at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale and come see what it’s all about! Click here for our address and phone number.

See you soon and Happy Mother’s Day!

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