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MMA for Beginners

By American Top Team | In Uncategorized | on April 18, 2017

MMA for beginners: American Top Team Fort Lauderdale launches its ATT Amateur Fighter Program

Achieving excellence in any form of fighting is not achieved by training alone, the athlete needs to have tools, psychological, discipline, a strong set of values ​​and the dreamloud to stand firm and persevering in pursuit of their goals. The ATT Amateur Fighter is a MMA for beginners Program created to provide these athletes with excellence in the modalities of mixed martial arts in Fort Lauderdale, JIU JITSU, BOXING and MUAYTHAI an environment that allows them to learn, experience, understand, focus, cooperate and respect with discipline all the essential values ​​that A martial art academy provides.

The Team

American Top Team Fort Lauderdale is always committed to the learning and progress of its students. Many amateur fighters are learning techniques and improving their physical fitness level with the structure and support of the ATTFTL instructors .

Master Junior Fernandes black belt in BJJ leads all the coaches and supervises all the modalities guaranteeing all the quality of the classes taking all discipline of the BJJ Also.

Discipline on and off the mat, wellness, concern and safety with athletes become part of everyday life and is a priority for coaches.

All the tools to bring the AMATEUR FIGHTERS to the professional level are in our program, including training space, training throughout the day, equipment, a wide range of lessons from JIU JITSU and MUAYTHAY with qualified coaches and masters, BOXING and MMA Are also on our agenda.

We support our athletes with all the schedules of amateur tournaments that take place in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and South Florida in the JIU JITSU BRASILEIRO, MUAYTHAI, MMA, KICKIBOXING and BOXING modes. Being by their side in inscriptions, preparation, and taking support from our team on fight day. Our athletes are never alone.

At ATTFTL Athletes are not only learning new techniques and improving knowledge, they become part of a community united by the lifestyle ideals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Our Athletes

We have a cadre of amateur athletes already playing tournaments with victories and living the great dream.

Trent Bourdreau, Brandon Crowley, Denys Bendega are part of our amateur program MMA fight classes. Dilano Taylor, Sadhu Jean-Baptiste, Luis Rivera, Daniel Mendes, Filip Pelikan team KIckboxing and Andre Amaral representing Boxing.

These AMATEUR FIGHTERS Are living the high level training art, concentration of a before of the fight and experiencing all the adrenaline of BJJ, MMA, KICKBOXING, MUAYTHAI and BOXING.

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