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Keeping Up with Fitness Classes in Fort Lauderdale

By American Top Team | In Cardio Kickboxing, Fitness, Uncategorized | on September 18, 2020

With all the talk about social distancing, staying inside, wearing masks and disinfecting everything, one thing that’s not discussed often enough in regards to Covid-19 is the importance of your body’s physical fitness and immune system. This is our body’s first line of defense against any virus. This can not only help our body fight off the virus, but also have quicker recovery time and less severe symptoms. Physical fitness is so important to our health, and fun but challenging fitness classes can be the perfect way to help ward off illnesses.

It’s been well documented that the people who exhibit the most severe symptoms from Covid-19 are those who have co-morbidities and other health issues. In the United States obesity is one of the leading health issues, with the CDC reporting 42% of Americans qualifying as obese in 2017-2018. Obesity-related health conditions include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. These are all major factors when fighting off any virus and limiting the severity of symptoms for those who do contract it.

So, how can we help prevent these issues and improve our immune system as well as overall health? Well, there’s many things we can do including healthy diet and nutrition, taking the proper vitamins and supplements and most importantly exercising.

American Top Team Fort Lauderdale - Fitness Classes -Xtreme-Training

This is why American Top Team Fort Lauderdale believes it’s important to continue to stay active and be mindful of your physical fitness during this difficult period. We are not just a martial arts gym; we offer a number of physical fitness classes for all levels, from professional athletes to someone who hasn’t exercised in years. 

The more sedentary and inactive your lifestyle is, the more your health (and as a result, your immune system) suffers. It’s especially important to keep your respiratory system strong and healthy when the primary threat is a respiratory illness. Some ways physical exercise can potentially boost your immune system is by increasing the circulation of antibodies and white blood cells so your body can fight off illnesses earlier. Physical activity may also help flush bacteria out of your lungs and airways, which is beneficial when combatting respiratory infections. 

Our cardio kickboxing or extreme fitness classes at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale, for instance, are a great way to get your heartrate up, lose weight and help improve your breathing without having contact with another person. 

American Top Team Fort Lauderdale - Fitness Classes -Xtreme-Training

However, not all the benefits of exercise are physical; we need to also take our mental health into account. We’re sure, like most of us, this year has been a very stressful, trying time for you. Physical exercise can slow down the release of stress hormones which increase your chance of illness. Plus, it’s just a great way to blow off some steam and go about your day with a clear mind and better overall attitude.

So if you are looking for fitness classes in Fort Lauderdale, join the many members of our American Top Team Fort Lauderdale family who’ve lost weight, gained confidence and found a group of like-minded friends who are all driven towards a positive goal. We can’t wait to see you there!

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