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Join us for Fitness classes at American Top Team FTL

By American Top Team | In Uncategorized | on January 23, 2017

Fitness classes in Fort Lauderdale are a fun way to improve your health, burn calories and tone muscle.

Fitness classes in Fort Lauderdale are a great option to burn calories in a fun way. Focused on your own needs, we will help you to improve your endurance, lose weight and gain muscle. At American Top Team FTL we are also committed in developing and improving your physical abilities. But remember, establishing a consistent fitness routine is fundamental in achieving desired, long-term results.

Instead of waiting for your loved one’s class to end, why don’t you enjoy fitness gym training yourself? Martial arts fitness training is for all skill levels and physical abilities. Come see what it’s all about – your first week is free!

The best professionals were selected to teach for fitness classes in Fort Lauderdale at American Top Team FTL. Our team is extremely qualified, having Physical Education degrees and years of experience in fitness gym training.

Our Fitness gym training classes are more enjoyable and entertaining than the traditional ones. You will develop a smarter body, which means a stronger, more resistant, agile, mobile and flexible body. The Fitness gym training method used at American Top Team FTL focuses on bodyweight techniques to improve your physical conditioning through martial arts fitness training like Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA.

The calories burned in one hour of fitness classes in Fort Lauderdale is around 800 calories. Compared to running, which burns an average of 700 calories per hour, you will burn more calories and have more fun. The classes are dynamic with different combinations of standard movements like pulling, pushing, throwing, squatting, running and jumping through obstacles.

Although the Fitness classes are in a group, our professionals are focused on individual attention, guiding and fixing the movements at all times. Fitness gym training exercises are done slowly and with care, in order to prevent injury. Your physical and mental health is the most important thing at American Top Team.

Now is the time to take your fitness level to new heights with this high energy fitness program!

Come in for a trial class during your first free week. American Top Team FTL will become your second home!

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