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Support Your Local Martial Arts School

Support Your Local Martial Arts School… And we’ll support you!



Current Promotions During this Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time, we know that many have struggles they are dealing with, including small businesses. We have heard from several of our members asking how they can help support local businesses like American Top Team Fort Lauderdale during this time. We appreciate all the support from the community at a time like this, and we want to help our community just as much.  We have come up with a few ways that we can help each other out during this time.


1. Support Your Local Martial Arts School – Buy Gift Cards

Spend $50 Get $100!

Buying a gift card during this time is a great way to help the cash flow for local businesses. During this time we are offering to match $50 for a gift card to our Pro Shop. When you spend $50 for a gift card, we will make it redeemable for $100. You can use this on anything you like in our Pro Shop when our gym reopens.  This can make a great gift, or just a great way to stock up on some items for your training or casual wear!


2. Join Our Virtual Zoom Martial Arts & Fitness Classes

We all need to join together – virtually – during this time. Keep your training and fitness plan going from home! We have live Zoom classes everyday! We’d love to see you shining faces during all our classes so we all don’t feel like we are working out alone. And if you can’t make the class you can watch them later. Check out our schedule for these Virtual Classes below.

American Top Team Martial Arts LIVE VIRTUAL Schedule 2020 - new


3. Check Out Our YouTube Channel for More At-Home Workouts

We have a great library of videos on our YouTube Channel. This is a great way to incorporate more fitness at home for you and the kids. Feel free to share this with your family and friends as well.  Enjoy!


For more information, call 954.638.0860