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American Top Team MMA Program

American Top Team Fort Lauderdale wants to congratulate Coach Dilano Taylor on his recent win in the main event of the Professional Fight League (PFL) card in Cardiff, Wales.

Coach Dilano

Coach Dilano was called in as a last minute replacement to fight MMA legend and former UFC title contender Rory MacDonald in the main event of a massive card that was broadcast worldwide on ESPN.

The fight was a testament to Dilano’s well-rounded skill set; showcasing his wrestling background to take the fight to the ground, his brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to control his opponent and defend submission attempts, and his kickboxing skills to drop his opponent with a straight right hand and finish with grounded strikes to score the TKO victory.

The result was also a testament to Coach Dilano’s discipline and work ethic; staying in fight-ready shape even when he doesn’t have a fight scheduled. This means keeping your skills sharp, maintaining your cardio and also continuing to eat a healthy diet so you can make weight on short notice.

Martial Arts Journey

Coach Dilano’s martial arts journey started with wrestling at age 13 before he started training striking, jiu jitsu and MMA at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale at age 18. He began his amateur MMA career in 2015, finishing with a record of 9-1 before turning pro in 2018. As a pro Dilano became a champion in the AFL and a 2x Titan FC champion. His accomplishments in Titan FC caught the attention of larger organizations and he later signed with the Professional Fight League (PFL) and entered the promotion as a contestant on their Challenger Series, which is broadcast worldwide on ESPN. His success in the Challenger Series got him called up to the main PFL tournament where fighters compete over the course of a “season” with the winner winning $1,000,000 cash. With his recent win Dilano is now in the tournament finals and just 1 fight away from the $1,000,000 prize.

Coach Dilano started helping teach kids jiu jitsu classes at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale as a blue belt in 2017. He was awarded his brown belt in 2020 by Master Junior Fernandes. He currently teaches kids jiu jitsu and wrestling classes at ATT FTL Monday through Friday.

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