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Early Morning Jiu Jitsu Fort lauderdale 

By American Top Team | In Jiu Jitsu | on December 8, 2021

Get your day going with early morning Jiu Jitsu classes at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale!

People often message us asking if there is early morning jiu jitsu near me, because they want to try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but have a busy schedule and won’t be able to participate in the evening classes. Fortunately, we offer morning jiu jitsu classes 6 days a week, Monday – Saturday in order to accommodate all schedules.

So, what are some of the benefits of early morning jiu jitsu classes?

Extra attention: Smaller class sizes in the morning compared to evening classes means extra attention from your instructor. This means they may have more time to answer your questions or give you detailed instruction tailored to your needs and correct technique issues you may be having. This can be especially beneficial for beginners.

Start your day off right: Starting your day off with the knowledge that you made yourself stronger with physical exercise as well as improve your martial arts knowledge by learning new techniques allows you to start your day with a great sense of accomplishment. This starts you off on a positive note and sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Start your workday cool, calm, and collected: The physical exertion of early morning jiu jitsu classes is also great for stress and anxiety relief, which can help you approach your work day in a more level-headed, calm mood, benefiting your work performance greatly.

All levels classes: Our evening Brazilian jiu jitsu classes are divided between fundamentals and advanced classes. All our morning jiu jitsu classes are for “All Levels”, meaning if you’re a new student you will often have the opportunity to be paired with a more experienced practitioner for drilling, who can help guide you through the techniques, in addition to the instructor.

Boost your metabolism: Training jiu jitsu in the morning can boost your metabolism and ensure that you’re burning calories throughout the entire day. Studies have shown that physical exercise in the morning is the most effective way to burn fat.

ATT FTL is located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale and we’ve been in operation for over 15 years. So, whether you want to try early morning jiu jitsu classes for fitness, for competition, for self-defense, or just for fun, we’ve got you covered! Come down and try for yourself, we’re sure you’ll love it!

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