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American Top Team Fort Lauderdale’s Tips for MMA Training

By Ana_Frias | In Boxing, Cardio Kickboxing, Fitness, Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts, MMA | on September 1, 2021

Master Junior Fernandes along with  Coach Luiz nazarrio and Coach Bruno put offered some tips for anyone looking to starting training in mixed martial arts (MMA).

Coaching Tips: Training an MMA Fighter

  • Choose A Martial Arts School that Offers Many Disciplines 
    • If you’re seriously looking into pursuing MMA competitively, then look for a gym that works with professional fighters and has a number of high-level coaches on staff.  Make sure they offer the Jiu -jitsu Classes, Boxing, Muay Thai, submission grappling, wrestling and sparing classes.
  • Balance Drills, Hard Sparring and Conditioning
    • The beginner phase of MMA training at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale prepares you for the octagon by focusing on all-around muscle strength and conditioning along with stretching drills.
    • If you don’t train in “seasons,” then you’ll slowly progress through one training phase to the next as you gradually build up your strength and endurance. Again, the duration of each phase will depend on an individual’s level of fitness
    • At American Top Team Fort Lauderdale we focus on individual training for everyone.
  • Make Sure You Have Training Partner
    • If the school is new, they may not have enough sparing partners. It is important to partner up with various training opponents so that you can see the various fighting styles that differentiates us all.
    • American Top Team Fort Lauderdale has been in business more than 15 years. We have no shortage of club members who are always willing to partner up and contribute to advancing everyones’ training.
  • Enforce Good Nutrition
    • Start by training seriously once or twice a week by sparring mixed with cross-training like Jiu -jitsu , boxing, muay thai or bodyweight strength training on your off days.
    • Make sure to take one day off a week for complete rest. You can’t improve if your body if it does not have the chance to recover and repair. As you and your fitness improve, you can revise your schedule based on your goals and your time constraints. But if you don’t eat well, you will not have the nutrition or energy to advance your training.  Food is your body’s fuel.
  • Enforce Consistency  
    • Consistency is most important. Staying consistant with your training, nutrition, and rest will all contribute to advancing your training and skills in MMA.
  • Don’t be afraid to spar
    • You don’t want to start too hard. Start slow in the beginner classes for all the disciplines (muay thai, boxing, jiu jitsu ) before starting MMA classes .
    • MMA classes at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale offers many opportunities to spar.  You don’t need to be afraid because you’re gonna have an experienced coach looking in “your” corner and won’t let you advance beyond your skill level.
    • If you’re not sure what’s right for you, talk to your coaches. Any reputable MMA or martial arts instructor will know where and when to start pushing you in your training.

Essential MMA Gear

All essential MMA training gear is available in our store at a 10% discount.

    • Mouth-guard.
    • Rash-Guard.
    • MMA gloves.
    • Sparring gloves.
    • Training shirts.
    • Ear-guards (for grappling)
    • Boxing headgear.

We hope these tips help you and if you’d like more information on our MMA programs, please visit – https://attftl.com/programs/mixed-martial-arts/ or you can call at 954-638-0860 

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