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Support Baby Raiden and Luis and Suzie Nazario (Montero)

By American Top Team | In Uncategorized | on August 18, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

As you may be aware, Luis and Suzie Nazario (Montero) were blessed with the birth of their second baby boy, Raiden, last month. For those who do not know Raiden’s story, he was born on July 1st 2017 with a congenital heart disease, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, an illness which will require lifetime monitoring and future surgeries. He underwent his first heart surgery on July 10th to implant a shunt and fortunately, had little complications as the surgeons at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood are magnificent. He had a little trouble afterward while they reduced the pain medication, but he is a little champ and is doing much better now. His heart surgeon is pleased with his progress and Suzie and Luis are hoping to bring him home very soon!

Luis, Suzie, Raiden’s big brother, Kalias (9), and big sisters Linay (18) and Kaira (2) are doing a wonderful job of showing strength through this trying time. Their family has been pulled in so many directions since Raiden was born and it is increasingly difficult to make time for their trips to the hospital, work & home while also caring for Raiden’s big brother and sisters as well. Unfortunately, as soon as he’s strong enough, Baby Raiden will need an additional surgery within the next 4-6 months and then another before he is 5 years old along with needing appointments with specialists and doctors to monitor his condition throughout his life. Understandably, the Nazario’s will continue to need lots of love, prayers and support in the upcoming months and years.

The family should not have to carry this financial and emotional burden alone. There are already medical expenses that will not be fully covered by insurance and the additional surgeries, doctor, and specialist visits will only add to it. I was fortunate to have met their wonderful family at American Top Team, Fort Lauderdale (ATT) where Luis is my Muay Thai Instructor and then amazingly, I ran into them again at a few picnics held by Calvary Chapel Deerfield Beach over the past few months! I know both Calvary & ATT are filled with wonderful, caring people. I thought creating this fundraiser would be a wonderful way to bring both organizations together to show our support to Luis & Suzie.

It is my hope that the families of Calvary Chapel & American Top Team rally behind this amazing family in their time of need. Please help in whatever way you can to ease their burden, to support them and their medical expenses so that they can focus on baby Raiden’s health and well-being.

With love,

Stacy Brown

(On behalf of Luis Nazario and Suzie Montero)



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